2010 LA Marathon route: Elevation Profile

Here’s the mile-by-mile elevation profile. How fast is this finish? Plus, it will get cooler as we head west towards the beach. If I wasn’t working on the event that day, I’d be out there, too!

More route details on our course map page.



5 Responses to “2010 LA Marathon route: Elevation Profile”
  1. jerry pupa says:

    Can walking people enter the “race”?

  2. Chris Lyons says:

    Will the LA Marathon course be a certified qualifier for Boston?

  3. Daman C says:

    Of course you can walk it.

  4. LA Marathon says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Yes, walkers will be allowed to participate in the 2010 LA Marathon. The course will stay open for 8 hours and we will open the roads to traffic behind the participants at a 13 min/mile pace. If participants cannot keep this pace they will be escorted to the sidewalks where they will be able to finish the race. Late water stations and post finish food and fluid will stay open for these finishers.

    Any additional questions please email


  5. LA Marathon says:

    Hello Chris,

    Yes, the 2010 LA Marathon course is a Boston qualifying course. Send an email to if you have additional questions!