Legacy Runner Bill Higgins

Higgins at Antarctica Marathon Finish Line

As a Legacy Runner, I am a member of an elite club that is forever closed to new members, an exclusive club whose sole but inflexible requirement for sustaining membership is that the 26.2 mile course be faced, and completed, every single year.” I penned these words many years ago, and did so with a great sense of pride. I felt an even greater sense of pride when Richard Riordan, then Mayor of Los Angeles, paraphrased these words in his testimonial to all Legacy Runners in 2000. As we approach our 25th LAM, we all know that we have to do whatever it takes to be at the Starting Line, and then run to our Finisher’s Medal.

A couple of examples of “whatever it takes” at the LAM: In the inaugural LAM in 1986, my wife Neva had to jack it up the last two miles and then sprint to the Finish Line in order to qualify for Boston – by 4 seconds! And keeping the streak is not easy, year in and year out. In 1995, I ran the LAM 4 weeks after having my gall bladder removed. In 1996, I had to fly down from my field assignment in Iceland to keep my LAM streak alive. In 2000, I had to delay the start of a field assignment in Portugal in order to run LAM XV. In 2008, I was really ill with the flu – didn’t matter. I’m sure every single Legacy has faced major challenges somewhere along the line, but our common thread has been to do whatever it takes to finish. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. Godspeed to all Legacies!

Bill Higgins
Legacy # 10134
Age: 59
Fullerton, CA

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015