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January 30, 2010

Roadrunners take over Dodger Stadium

This morning our LA Roadrunners took a field trip to Dodger Stadium in what is becoming a popular annual event.  It’s getting better by the year, and today’s visit started with a couple laps of the LA Marathon’s first mile:  through the starting line, then up and around the back of the Stadium on the inner ring road.  I found the hill to be not as hard as I’d feared, and I was pushed along by the tremendous excitement in the air.  We were actually running on the Stadium to Sea route with about 1,000 other runners.  Amazing!  After this hilly warmup, we took of for a preview run of the NPN LA 5K route.  The course is a hilly and scenic cruise through Elysian Park, with many turns and ups and downs.  Without question the most entertaining and fun 5K course I’ve ever run.  Can’t wait for that event on March 2oth.

But the biggest treat of the day may have been when the Dodgers graciously opened the gates onto the field for us.  That’s right–we were given the keys to the outfield and allowed to freely roam the hallowed grass for about an hour.  Everyone took photos and strolled around the historic field for an hour or more.  A spectacular finish to an already great morning.

If you missed it, there’s still one more hill training session at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, March 6th.  See you there!



January 30, 2010

Personalized Bib Deadline Feb 1st @ 11:59 PM



If you want your nickname on your LA Marathon bib this year it’s time to get moving! Hurry up and register online at or in our office, because the personalized bib option is closing soon! You have until February 1st at 11:59 PM to register and come up with an 11 character max moniker for yourself on our race application. Requests for personalized bibs cannot be fulfilled after this date.



January 28, 2010

NPN Nutrition Tips: How much water should I drink?


Every training athlete should drink about 0.5 – 1.0 ounces of water per day per body pound. During training, hydration is of paramount performance. You need to have proper hydration intake to keep your body moving and nutrients to where they need to be. Muscle tissue is 70% water and needs it to create ATP (energy).

Race day? Believe it or not, 13% of marathon runners suffer from hyponatremia, an overdose of water. To avoid the effects of taking in too much water on race day, assess during training your sweat level. If you are sweating profusely after a short amount of time then you could be drinking too much. Try to reduce the ridiculous amount of sugars in sports drinks by a 50/50 split water ratio. Use electrolytes either added to water or add water to sports drinks to ensure proper amount.


January 28, 2010

T-Shirt Design Competition Closing Soon

Don’t miss out on our online t-shirt design competition! The contest closes at midnight on January 31st, so you have less than a week left to submit your ideas. The Honda LA Marathon 2010 t-shirt design contest will award the contest winner with a cash prize of $295 and the chance to have your work worn by race participants. Check out the design brief and the current contest submissions here!

Here’s a design from user!


January 28, 2010

SRLA 18-Mile Friendship Run


The annual SRLA 18-Mile Friendship Run is a big day for all of the students training to run the Honda LA Marathon with Students Run LA. Since 1989 SRLA has helped thousands of at-risk youth in LA County complete the marathon- a major milestone for someone still in secondary school! The 3,500 students participating in the program this year will start the day with their longest training run before the race at the Hansen Dam Recreation Area. The February 21st race date makes it a perfect training run for anyone joining us on marathon day! Registration is now open online. Just click here to visit the SRLA 18-Mile Friendship Run site.

January 28, 2010

K•Swiss Becomes Presenting Sponsor of LA Marathon


As you can see from the new logo, K•Swiss has stepped up their involvement in our event, which is now the Honda Los Angeles Marathon Presented by K•Swiss.  As a locally-based company, K•Swiss shares our goals of inspiring athletes and connecting communities.  In addition, they’ll be producing our officially-licensed apparel, some of which is already on display, and looking great, at their new retail store on Main St. in Santa Monica.  We’ve already been hard at work with K•Swiss on their many activations around the event, and it’s clear that they’re totally committed to our partnership and everything it stands for.  We couldn’t be happier about making this announcement. Read the press release here.

January 27, 2010

2010 Cheer Alley Competition


If you love extra support on the course we’ve got great news for you! Cheer Alley will be a brand-new point of entertainment along the 2010 course! Hundreds of cheerleaders from around Southern California will rally on your behalf at Mile 18 in a cheer competition judged by Cheer LA for their overall spirit, creativity, showmanship, uniform and banner display.

We’re still taking applications for cheerleading squads to participate. A $2,500 prize purse will be awarded to the top 3 squads in the Cheer Alley Competition. Prizes include:

·        $1,250           First Place
·        $750              Second Place
·        $500               Third Place

If your squad is interested please contact Megan Cavan at 310-271-7200, via email at or fill out the Cheer Alley Application 2010 and fax to 310-271-7202, it’s not too late to sign up!

January 26, 2010

New Title Sponsor


As you can see from the look of our home page, we’re now the Honda Los Angeles Marathon. Although Honda has been involved with the LA Marathon as a presenting sponsor for 14 years, this year marks the first time that they’ve stepped up to the title sponsorship role. In fact, this is the first time that the event has ever had a title sponsor.  Honda’s North American headquarters are here in Torrance, and they are significantly committed to charitable causes and community outreach.  We couldn’t be more excited about the partnership.  Read the press release here.


January 25, 2010

LA Marathon: 25 Years!

As we are now within two months of the Los Angeles Marathon’s inaugural journey on the Stadium to Sea route, let’s take a moment to appreciate that this will be the 25th running of the event.  A silver anniversary always deserves some sort of commemoration.  Over the next two months, I’ll be posting a number of images and videos that celebrate the history of this storied race.  Here’s a interview with commentator Toni Reavis about the background leading up to the inaugural Los Angeles Marathon in 1986.


January 25, 2010

We’re moving!

You may have noticed the launch of our new site a few months back. It’s built on the WordPress platform, and, for simplicity, we’ve built our blog into the framework of the site. So we’ve been running two blogs simultaneously since September. But the time has come to send all of you over to the other blog page. So please come join us, as I’ll only be posting there in the future.

Thanks and see you there.


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