NPN Nutrition Tips: How much water should I drink?


Every training athlete should drink about 0.5 – 1.0 ounces of water per day per body pound. During training, hydration is of paramount performance. You need to have proper hydration intake to keep your body moving and nutrients to where they need to be. Muscle tissue is 70% water and needs it to create ATP (energy).

Race day? Believe it or not, 13% of marathon runners suffer from hyponatremia, an overdose of water. To avoid the effects of taking in too much water on race day, assess during training your sweat level. If you are sweating profusely after a short amount of time then you could be drinking too much. Try to reduce the ridiculous amount of sugars in sports drinks by a 50/50 split water ratio. Use electrolytes either added to water or add water to sports drinks to ensure proper amount.



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  1. Mike says:

    During a marathon, it’s a good idea to take some water at all aid stations. You don’t want to fill your gut with too much, but take in some to stay hydrated.

    As a rule of thumb, if you become thirsty during the race, you’re in a deficit position on the hydration. Then you’ll need to play some catch up on the upcoming stations.


  2. The drinking of water every day is one of the key factor of great health.

  3. “In the future, the most clued-in experts will no longer tell you to drink XYZ ounces per hour. Instead, they’ll say: Drink when you’re thirsty; or drink only to the point where you are maintaining your body weight, but not gaining weight.” – “HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU DRINK DURING A MARATHON?”, Runners World Aug ’04

    “4) During the marathon, drink when you’re thirsty, understanding that water, sugars, and electrolytes will help you feel and perform your best. But don’t force yourself to drink.”

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  5. A.N. says:

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