Roadrunners take over Dodger Stadium

This morning our LA Roadrunners took a field trip to Dodger Stadium in what is becoming a popular annual event.  It’s getting better by the year, and today’s visit started with a couple laps of the LA Marathon’s first mile:  through the starting line, then up and around the back of the Stadium on the inner ring road.  I found the hill to be not as hard as I’d feared, and I was pushed along by the tremendous excitement in the air.  We were actually running on the Stadium to Sea route with about 1,000 other runners.  Amazing!  After this hilly warmup, we took of for a preview run of the NPN LA 5K route.  The course is a hilly and scenic cruise through Elysian Park, with many turns and ups and downs.  Without question the most entertaining and fun 5K course I’ve ever run.  Can’t wait for that event on March 2oth.

But the biggest treat of the day may have been when the Dodgers graciously opened the gates onto the field for us.  That’s right–we were given the keys to the outfield and allowed to freely roam the hallowed grass for about an hour.  Everyone took photos and strolled around the historic field for an hour or more.  A spectacular finish to an already great morning.

If you missed it, there’s still one more hill training session at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, March 6th.  See you there!



SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015