How the West was Won

This is what my office walls look like the week of the LA Marathon. Russ Pillar decked out the office we share with cork board on one side and white board on the other. At this point in the process the room looks like the inside of my brain: total chaos! Some of the things you can see include signage designs, the Studio Number One Manifesto, a communications calendar, SM Classic marketing plan (don’t forget we have that event coming up on Sunday, May 16th), an asset list and photo assignments.

Also in one of the photos is Beth Liberty, our creative coordinator and captain of the green program. She, like everyone in the office, has been working overtime to pull off the 25th Anniversary event. Beth keeps track of all the different creative projects we have going on: interactive, print, social media, signage, collateral, etc. Literally hundreds of things that are hovering, waiting for attention, at any given time. Thanks to her, and everyone else working so hard, the event is coming together in a really great way.


SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015