Track Club LA and the LA Marathon

Here’s a note from Eric Barron, who coaches Track Club LA. I have known Eric for several years, and I train weekly with his club. He’s a pillar in the local running community and a very, very good coach. That’s why it was so gratifying to see the note that he wrote to the club after speaking with LA Marathon owner Frank McCourt at the finish line yesterday in Santa Monica:

No matter where your loyalties lie with regard to your baseball team of choice, you have to be grateful for Dodger owner Frank McCourt’s support of the Los Angeles Marathon. In its previous 24 incarnations, the Los Angeles Marathon covered many different routes, but nary one over ground that inspired anyone to participate in it. This year was a different story. By plotting out a Stadium-to-Sea course, McCourt and his organization gave thousands of runners renewed motivation to slog through 26.2 miles. Although the new route has a net elevation drop of several hundred feet, it is not necessarily an easy course thanks to many different grade changes. Still, the energy on the course was a world apart from prior years, and in a good way. Moreover, it seemed as if the gods decided to reward all with weather fit for marathoners and spectators alike. In the end, the course, the crowds, and the weather spurred on many in Track Club L.A., and the performances were generally strong.


SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015