How it Looked from the Lead Vehicle

I had the good fortune to ride in one of the lead vehicles during this year’s Honda LA Marathon. Along with my colleague Dave Klewan and Bart Yasso from Runner’s World, I jumped into a sweet new Honda FCX hydrogen vehicle for a morning at the sharp end of the race. This was critical for Dave and I, as we needed to see what was actually happening out on the course. The experience exceeded all of our expectations. Not only were we able to get a runners-eye view of the entire Stadium to the Sea route, but we did it while listening to the outstanding live radio broadcast on KLAC 570. We all had ear-to-ear grins the entire morning. Front-row seats for the women’s race, the volunteer support, the Taiko Drummers at Disney Hall, the Drag Queen Cheerleaders in West Hollywood, the Beverly Hills block party, the landmarks, Cheer Alley, Purple Heart Hill in the VA and the insane energy that characterized the Emerald Final Five. Incredible. Here are the photos I took during that drive. My only regret is that I don’t get to run this glorious route!


SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015