Ask the Race Director – Wave Starts

Last week we addressed the course changes we’ve made in the goal of improving your race day experience in 2011.  We’ll here’s a bigger change for race day and one we’re excited to announce – Wave Starts will be part of next year’s race.  Although they’ve been around for 30 years in triathlons, most marathons have only embraced them in the last few years.  

For those of you who’ve participated in a major city marathon, the starting line is perhaps the most energized portion of the entire 26.2 miles.  But, it can also be the most confusing and crowded on race day.  Wave starts are designed to reduce the congestion and improve your experience.  The general idea is that there will be corrals inside the two wave starts, and the first wave will have 3 corrals for those runners who’ve completed a marathon in the past year under  3,  4 or  5 hours.  The second wave is an open corral with minutes per mile signs to help seeding.  This qualification helps seed everyone in the pace they’ve run previously.  Less passing others and or being passed.   Don’t forget, if you’re wishing to gain admission to the first corral you must show proof by January 1, 2011 of having run a Marathon in the past year in sub 3, 4 or 5 hours.  There are no exceptions.  We’re still fine tuning how much time they’ll be between waves, and how we’ll handle the staging and loading.  Nonetheless, when we’ve worked out these and a couple other details, we’ll send out the specifics to everyone. 

I’d like to thank Scott Cline for his recent email suggesting we incorporate a shuttle only lane from the Freeway to the Stadium.  We understand the shuttle and parking situation did not work properly on race day.  And  we continue to meet with the folks from Caltrans, MTA and LADOT to make this operation smooth and successful for you ‘all on race day 2011.  We’ll keep you apprised of our progress and plan.

And, thanks to all those folks who contacted us with their insights and experiences from race week and race day. By communicating your experiences to us, both positive and negative, it helps us fix the areas that need improvement and build upon those areas that were successful.

Nick Curl

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015