Tips from Coach Rod – Work out with your family

Summer is a great time for the outdoors, it’s also the perfect time to get into shape, and at this time of the year, conditions are excellent for exercising.  With kids getting back into their new school schedules it’s more convenient for families to fit in a regular daily or every other day ‘family work out’.  Get outside on the cooler evenings for bicycling, walking, running, jogging, playing tennis or any other outdoor activity.

It is often said, “The family that plays together stays together”, and along the way moms and dads and the children get fitter and healthier.

Running and jogging with the family is becoming a sight I see more and more in the community, it’s great to see parents encouraging their kids to exercise and once a family makes a habit of being active together, the routine and fun will generate consistency for exercise and physical activity.  Parents get motivated because they see themselves as they want to become, role models for their children. And healthy exercise quickly becomes part of life for young children.

As a parent myself, I made the rule that we would leave the television off at least one day a week and I believed this encouraged the children to participate in some form of physical activity or outdoor play.  Running or jogging should be fun and only run at the child’s ability.  I encourage you to take walks often (this is a good time to communicate about school, or concerns the child may have) and don’t forget to let them choose the course or jogging circuit, as well as when to jog and when to walk.

When you are finished why not have a celebration with a healthy BBQ? So much is written today about eating healthy and avoiding those “bad foods” and to balance the choices of having kids healthy and happy. Well, I know too well that those ‘bad foods’ often taste good and are fun to have, just not all the time!  Most people know that eating healthy wholesome foods, takes a little more preparation time to put on the table, but that is what being a parent is all about, making choices, not on your own behalf, but on behalf of another.  It’s difficult being a parent today, especially with the demands from children, feeding your kids well balanced and healthy meals is a challenge, especially in today’s fast food culture.  It’s gotten harder because restaurants and food marketers are putting our children in danger!  Parents can have an influence and impact on children’s health and future, simply by making a handful of smart choices, and as a parent, you are already good at that in part, most of the time, making choices for your children. Celebrate family exercise- physical exercise at ‘BBQ family time’, a great time to bring to the table, healthy and delicious salads and low fat foods for your family.  Start with just once a week and see some changes.

Have a great week.

Rod Dixon

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015