LA Roadrunners Hit the Ground

We had a terrific first day of training in Venice on Saturday.  The turnout was huge, with hundreds of LA Roadrunners lacing up their shoes for the first run of the training season for the 2011 Honda LA Marathon.  Once all the groups got organized with their pace leaders, it was off to the boardwalk for a timed 3-mile run.  Beautiful running weather (that’s what I call gloomy fog) greeted the runners as they took off.  It’s amazing to see how big the groups are already.  We’re still over 180 days out from the 2011 event.  I can’t imagine that every runner there wasn’t motivated by the tremendous energy present on Saturday.


Nick Curl addresses the crowd

Pace leaders finding their runners

Who says endurance sports aren't fun?

Rod Dixon sending another group off

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015