Tips from the Race Director – And a Cast of Thousands!

Without a cast of thousands we couldn’t provide you a world class experience.  For our 2010 event we had over 6,000 volunteers helping race week and race day.  So what do 6,000 volunteers do?  The vast majority of these wonderful folks work at the 25 water stations along the course distributing 1,000,000 servings of water, and 200,000 servings of replacement fluid.   Each water station has a coordinator who works with our staff throughout the year preparing for race day.  And every station begins setting up their area hours before the race starts. 

Don’t forget that after you’ve left that station and moved onto the finish, they’re probably still raking up cups, recycling the cardboard, plastic and other detritus, and then they have to put it all back on the truck that delivered it.  Many of these dedicated folks work well over 8 hours making sure you have the water and fluids you need to perform.  In the coming weeks I’ll let you meet some of the other amazing folks who make our event and our lives so much better.  Don’t forget to say thanks next time you see them.

Lastly, I’d like to pay tribute to one of our great volunteers who passed this week, Clara Sibley.  Clara and her husband Arthur had been running our Family Reunion Tent for over 15 years.  They both retired from the US Postal Service many years ago, but they never stopped volunteering for a multitude of events and causes here in Southern California.  They made our community better because of their efforts.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to Arthur and his family.  Clara will be missed.

Nick Curl

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015