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October 26, 2010

Making Your Miles More Meaningful – Raising Money Even Though You Have an Entry

I have been writing my blog post about running for charity and introducing you to some of our 65 Official Charities.   I want to continue to encourage you to consider running for a charity this year, even if you have already sign up.

Raising Money Even Though You Have An Entry:  Most people that run for charity are raising money gain entrance into a race, however you can still raise some money for a charity even through you already have registered.  It does not matter if it is a 5k or a full 26.2, $100 or $10,000; charities will appreciate your effort to bring awareness to their cause and I promise you will feel satisfied that you made the extra effort to raise money just for the sake of raising money.

Let me introduce Youth Mentoring Connection:

Youth from some of the toughest neighborhoods in Los Angeles are signing up for the Honda LA Marathon.  This is the first year that Youth Mentoring Connection is participating as an official charity, and several of their teenage mentees are training for the 26 mile race.  “We are delighted to see that so many of our youth have taken an interest in running the marathon. This experience will require them to get in shape, improve their diets, test their will and channel the stress factors ever present in their environment into a positive outlet”, says Karyl-Lyn Sanderson, YMC’s Marathon Coordinator. YMC services at risk youth challenged by the threat of poverty, gang and domestic violence, drug abuse and teen pregnancy to name a few of the prevalent issues in their communities. 

Several mentors have also signed up to run in support of their mentees and to fundraise for the organization.  Becky Wagner, 10 time marathon runner thought for sure she had run her last race.  When she found out that YMC was an official charity she held out for one more.  “I thought it would be so meaningful to run for a cause that I really believe in. I just had to do it.” Youth Mentoring Connection’s mission is to awaken at-risk youth to their power, unique gifts and purpose by matching them with caring adult mentors.

Contact Info: Youth Mentoring Connection – Karly-Lyn Sanderson (323) 731-8080 ext 104

October 25, 2010

7x7x7 – World Record Attempt – 1 more week until Marie-Louise reaches LA

We are getting closer to the start of Marie-Louise Stenild’s world record attempt to be the 1st woman to run 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days.  She begins her journey in the Falklands (Antarctica leg) this Saturday.  From there it’s on to Santiago, Chile and then here to Los Angeles for marathon #3.  We plan to leave Dodger Stadium around 1pm on Monday and will run the official Stadium to the Sea finishing in Santa Monica in the early evening.  Marie-Louise will head back to LAX on Monday night so she can continue on to Sydney, Australia, Singapore and Cairo, Egypt before finishing her adventure in London on November 5th. 

In addition to taking on this incredible physical and mental challenge, Marie-Louise will also be raising funds for the Adam Rogers Trust.  The Adam Rogers Trust is a registered charity and was established in 2007 in the honour of Adam Rogers who was just thirteen when he died of a brain tumour.  The Trust’s purpose is to raise funds to help care for children with cancer and to help adults with learning difficulties live and work in the community.

If you live or work on or near the Honda LA Marathon route, we encourage you to come out to support Marie-Louise in this amazing endeavor.  The marathon staff will be on hand to support her along the course and will be sending out updates via Twitter ( @lamarathon) throughout the day.  Wear your Honda LA Marathon shirts, your Halloween costumes from the night before, all of your marathon medals, whatever you can do to let us know you are out there.  You all know how important the spectators are in a marathon, let’s help to make LA her most memorable run!

For more info about the 7x7x7 run, visit Marie-Louise’s website,

For more info about the Adam Rogers Trust, visit,

Hope to see you out on the course next Monday!

October 19, 2010

Making Your Miles More Meaningful – Beit T’Shuvah

Many people run a marathon for charity. Many more should! The money you raise goes to a great cause of your choice and should make you feel good doing it. Get involved! The Honda LA Marathon has 65 Official Charities for you to choose from. Here’s a closer look at one of them!

Beit T’Shuvah is a residential treatment facility located in West Los Angeles that has been restoring lost souls and returning them to themselves, their families and the community for over 23 years. Our mission is to provide emotional and spiritual healing in a Jewish context to individuals and families afflicted with addictive and behavioral disorders. Beit T’Shuvah is the only addiction treatment program in the United States that integrates Jewish traditions and spirituality, the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and traditional psychotherapy. Our life saving program helps addicts transition from negative life patterns to positive goals. We have never turned anyone away due to their financial situation. As a result, Beit T’Shuvah keeps its doors open by depending on outside donations, grants and fund-raising efforts such as the LA Marathon.
Michael J Cohen is running for Beit T’Shuvah for his 2nd time this year. This is the 2nd marathon he has ever run. “MJ” as he is called is an alumnus of the Beit T’Shuvah’s program. He entered the treatment program in December of 2008 after being released from a 9 year prison sentence. He went to Beit T’Shuvah, not knowing how long he’d stay here, just knowing he wanted to learn a better way of living and to become a productive member of society.

He completed the program in 2009 and has continued to stay close and connected to the Beit T’Shuvah community. His participation in the “Run to Save a Soul” campaign last year was a life changing experience for him and definitely something he never thought he’d accomplish. He has returned to the team for a second year now and is working with new runners to help them have the same life changing experience running the marathon gave him. He is instrumental in leading the weekly team runs, recruiting new runners and is a huge asset to the team.

“MJ is truly an example of the ultimate transformation that takes place for so many people when they come to Beit T’Shuvah. He exemplifies what our program is all about. His participation in the LA Marathon with Beit T’Shuvah once again, will help us raise the necessary funds to continue helping people as we helped him,” Nina Haller, Director of Major Gifts

Contact Info Beit T’Shuvah – Alison Ditlove (310) 204-5200 x 230

October 18, 2010

Tips from Coach Rod – Nutrition, part 2

It’s very important for us to understand everything we are reading. If you are unsure of a word or term, Google it, discover more information!

Here are 3 words I want you to Google  to know more about.


Increase your Endurance
At the end of the day, are we feeling a little tired and a bit low on our energy?

So why is it when we just get into our training, we are feeling more tired just after 20-30 minutes?

Most of us think ‘low blood sugar’ however it’s real name is *Glycogen.  Glycogen is the body’s main source of energy and is stored primarily in the liver and muscle cells.  It is made up of Glucose, (Glucose is a type of sugar “in storage form” the body uses for energy)  and is the body’s most easily accessible form of energy.

I think most of us (adults) have about 1 hours worth of Glycogen stored at best, so if you haven’t had a snack at least a hour or so before training you are already slowing down.

Research shows that eating the right amount of *Carbohydrate, (Carbohydrate provides the body with fuel, which in turn the body will process into Glycogen) several hours before training can maximize your Glycogen supply, which will boost your energy and endurance.  Learn the practice of having a mid morning and mid afternoon snack, it should be about 1 gram of carbohydrate per pound of body weight. (depending on your body weight you should be having one or two typical energy bar type snacks)

I am assuming, of course, you have had a sensible breakfast and lunch!

(This is a good time to experiment with your own requirements)

Drink for Endurance
Skipping liquids is not a good idea.  It also means you are missing out on an easy to absorb delivery system for nutrients your body requires and needs during and after training.  Knowing fluid requirements at this early training stage and exactly how much you need and how much to replace is not easy.

Just know if you are getting thirsty, (it’s best not to rely on this as a gauge), you are well into the first stage of dehydration!  Learn to hydrate often during the day and take fluids with you on the training run, and have a good amount available after the training if you are away from home.

Prepare for Recovery
We don’t improve when we are Training, we improve when we are in rest and recovery.

So recovery starts when we finish our training, the clock is ticking!…my experience has shown me, consume some carbohydrate and *Protein, (Our body requires Protein to build and repair tissue, it’s very important in the recovery phase of training) within 20 to 30 minutes of training.

Its sensible to combine protein and carbohydrate, together they achieve more than either does on it’s own. carbs may help protein reach your muscles faster, speeding recovery and repair.  Get the ratio’s that are right for you, usually 2 to 1 – carbs to protein (example: in a 250 ml to 500ml recovery drink make sure you have approx 26 grams of carbs and 13 grams of protein)

Eat well my friends.


October 15, 2010

7x7x7 – Honda LA Marathon to be USA stop on Danish woman’s world record attempt

Marie-Louise StenildA Pimlico woman is set to run her way into the record books as she embarks on an epic marathon challenge.

Marie-Louise Stenild, 36, is aiming to become the first woman to run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents.

The City-based lawyer begins her quest on October 30 in the Falklands and ends on November 5 in London, taking in Chile, the USA (Los Angeles), Australia, Singapore and Egypt along the route.

She was inspired to take up the Rogge 7x7x7 Challenge by adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, whom she heard speak about his own 7x7x7 marathon in 2005.

“I love running on my own, it’s my time that I greatly value,” said Ms Stenild, who is Danish and has lived in London for seven years.

“However, I don’t think I could run alone for seven marathon distances on consecutive days, so I’m delighted to have runners accompany me for some or all of the way.

“Their company will prove invaluable, and running alongside locals gives me greater confidence.”

Running alongside Marie-Louise on November 1, will be our very own Director of Operations, Stacy Embretson.  The two will set out from Dodger Stadium at approximately 1pm to run the iconic Stadium to the Sea course. 

Apart from the physical challenge of running a marathon every day for a week, Ms Stenild will face dramatic differences in temperature and climate and an upset body clock as she jets between continents and crosses time-zones.  Earlier this year, she completed three marathons in three weeks in Luxembourg, Copenhagen and Stockholm, managing each in just over four hours.

For her 7x7x7 challenge, she will be raising money in memory of 13-year-old Adam Rogers, who died of a brain tumor three years ago.  His parents, Mark and Fiona, set up the Adam Rogers Trust in his memory to help care for children with cancer and to help adults with learning difficulties live and work in the community.

For more information, see or

Falklands (Antarctica):
30 October 2010
Santiago, Chile (South America):
31 October 2010
Los Angeles, USA (North America):
1 November 2010

Sydney, Australia (Australasia):
3 November 2010
Singapore (Asia):
3/4 November 2010 (night run)
Cairo, Egypt (Africa):
4/5 November 2010 (night run)
London, UK (Europe):
5 November 2010

Reprinted with permission from the Westminster Chronicle, 9/13/10.

October 11, 2010

Portraits from Chicago

Our Director of Operations Stacy Embretson and I spent several days last week at the Chicago Marathon. Stacy went to work with their staff on the start crew in order to learn about their famously organized start corrals. I spent the weekend inside the Expo talking to runners about the Honda LA Marathon. These weekends are exhausting but very valuable. This is the second year I’ve been to the Chicago Expo and it’s a great event. The runners are a generally fast group from all over the world. Many runners are attempting to qualify for Boston on the pancake-flat Chicago course. Like last year, I shot portraits of a some of the people that I met over two days in the Expo.


Bart Yasso, Runner's World Magazine, Author of My Life on the Run

Broadcasters Ed Eyestone and Toni Reavis flanking Mammoth maven Andrew Kastor

2009 and 2010 Chicago Marathon Champion Liliya Shubukhova

Southern California native Josh Yelsey, now in Chicago for business school. He ran 2:38 in the heat.

The extended Hernandez family from Mexico City

Kevin Diaz, New York City. He ran LA this year and loved it.

Blogger Paige Spicer and Josh Williams. They got engaged at the LA Marathon finish line this year.

Marc Laloux and Sebastien Landrieux. Paris, France.

Marisela, Adriana and Andrea from San Jose, Costa Rica.

Scott Mantz and Andrea Sabesin from Los Angeles.

Miguel Angel Jimenez. Barcelona, Spain.

Jim McDonald from Portland, OR. He runs the website.

Domenik Elsen from Mechelem, Belgium.

Jan Seeley from Marathon & Beyond Magazine, standing next to me.

Honda LA Marathon Champion Wesley Korir with Jonathan and Krista Vetort. He finished 4th in Chicago this year.

Wally Oakes, Manchester, UK He's run 301 marathons!

October 11, 2010

Tips from Coach Rod – Nutrition, part 1

We are Runners and our goal is to run the Honda LA Marathon presented by K-Swiss, based on consistent training.  That’s right, running the marathon is the easy part of this process.  Leading up to the race there’s the dedication and commitment in doing the midweek training runs, the Saturday long runs, balancing our everyday lives with family and loved ones, our work days, stress, rest and recovery!  If you complete the LA Roadrunners Training program, you will have run nearly 800 miles in the process of training, just to get to the start line of the Honda LA Marathon.

In order to complete all of this training, we need fuel.  Just like a car, we need the proper “fuel” to ‘Go the Distance’.  What we need to understand about this is that what we require is “Sports Nutrition” a slightly higher grade “fuel” than is required to just sit around on the couch!

 As a Runner, your diet is important not only for maintaining good health, but to also promote peak performance.  During the next 23 weeks you will increase your training distance and this will demand extra focus from you as it relates to your diet and nutritional needs.  Let me tell you, a balanced diet for runners is as important as any other component of the Training.

Take the time to learn about the best foods that suit you before and after training.  Eating the right foods before a training run helps prevent hunger as well as fatigue.  These early Aerobic training weeks give you the chance to get your diet settled and ready for the longer more demanding training runs. 

Learn this NOW, No specific food will make you stronger or faster today or tomorrow!  To ‘Go the Distance’ you have to think long term, Sports Nutrition is all about many components adding up over time, just like a Marathon!  The right foods and drinks can help you train better, feel better in training and help with recovery.  Good nutrition supports good training, and good training makes the most of good nutrition.

Now is the right time to learn more about the importance of a balanced diet and how to fuel the body for the training required to ‘Go the Distance’.

Stay focused stay committed.

Rod Dixon

October 6, 2010

Making Your Miles More Meaningful – SOSMentor Shapeup

There is still time to join a “Charity Team”.  Check out Carole and Robert founders of their charity and running the marathon!

Carole and Robert Donahue are not just any couple. Husband and wife for over four decades, they have a combined 70 years experience as educators and, together, they founded an innovative, non-profit organization aimed at improving the health and wellness of underserved students in the Los Angeles area through after-school mentoring programs. As they approach their 70’s, Carole and Bob show no signs of slowing down—literally.

So this year, Carole and Bob will be running the LA marathon for their non-profit organization, SOSMentor ShapeUp. Their participation in this years’ marathon represents the next step in their fight toward defeating childhood obesity and getting our country on the road to good health.

Carole and Bob have spent years helping children learn how to eat well and get fit. Always acting as an example for the youth they serve, they decided to run in the LA Marathon because they believe it to be the perfect embodiment of what they advocate. For years, Carole and Bob have trained students to lead a healthy life which, like training for a marathon, requires a large commitment but yields huge rewards.

Many people justifiably wonder why they would decide to train for their first marathon at this point in their lives. As Carole says, “We’re doing it for the kids!”

For more information about joining Team SOSMentor Shape Up Contact Jessica Helman-Cubilla (818) 222-4243 –

October 4, 2010

Tips from Coach Rod – Importance of Weekday Training

What we have created with the Training program for the LA Roadrunners is a 27 week ‘progressive’ training schedule.  What do I mean by this word ‘progressive’ exactly?  Well it may not be ‘exactly’, but what I mean is that it’s a 27 week program to take you from running 3 miles (the first training run) to finishing the 26.2 mile LA Marathon.

Each week builds on the previous week and the ‘previous’ week has three days of running. Two mid week runs and the Saturday Roadrunners run.  For our Beginners, the importance is in, getting those mid week runs done, consistently, each and everyday I ask you to run according to the schedule.Stay with me here, mid week TRAINING therefore is not a series of runs to just dismiss and focus entirely on the Saturday run. By completing the mid week training runs you are building your Foundation base.

For the first 12 weeks you are running in an ‘Aerobic’ state (you know, been able to chit chat and no huff and puff, feel if you could go all day…you know, easy peasy…piece of cake)There is no argument, the greatest gain for our runners is made during the ‘Aerobic’ phase of the Training Schedule.  While easy running is always the safest place to start, it is often the situation that the cardiovascular system develops very quickly while the musculo-skeletal system tends to take longer.

Never progress faster than your slowest part will allow. (You are as strong as your weakest part)If we follow the ‘plan-the schedule’ of the mid week run we adapt to the consistency of the training, our body adapts and becomes more efficient, it’s like most things we learn, at first it’s difficult and a challenge, but over time it becomes second nature.  Once you adapt to the mid week training, you require additional stress to continue to make progress.(And it will come soon enough)

Most of us know, there are limits to how much stress our bodies can tolerate before we experience injury, stress and we stop. Doing too much too soon will do this, doing too little and been inconsistent will result in no improvement.  We at Roadrunners have set the schedule that will increase time and intensity at a planned rate and allow rest days throughout the program.

Balance your running with Recovery, this will take you to a higher level of fitness, we all need to understand, the greater the training intensity and effort, the greater need for recovery. I can assure you all, in the later weeks of the Schedule you will understand why I have emphasized the Importance of the Weekday training, the Importance of the Aerobic training and the Importance of consistency and the Importance of rest and recovery. (a lot of emphasis on the word Importance isn’t there?)

In the schedule, Sunday is suggested as a ‘Strength’ Train day, it states a little later in the schedule to X Train (cross train).  This means don’t include running in these ‘complimentary’ exercise programs.  X train with a completely different activity, a yoga class, stretching, light circuit training at a gym, swimming, biking (easy) how about a barefoot walk on the beach?

And don’t forget the Importance of a good nights sleep! (While no one completely understands the complexities of sleep) lets not go there…just get a good nights sleep during the next 24 + weeks OK… me…it’s Important.

Run easy and run Aerobic!

And keep a smile on!

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015