Making Your Miles More Meaningful – Raising Money Even Though You Have an Entry

I have been writing my blog post about running for charity and introducing you to some of our 65 Official Charities.   I want to continue to encourage you to consider running for a charity this year, even if you have already sign up.

Raising Money Even Though You Have An Entry:  Most people that run for charity are raising money gain entrance into a race, however you can still raise some money for a charity even through you already have registered.  It does not matter if it is a 5k or a full 26.2, $100 or $10,000; charities will appreciate your effort to bring awareness to their cause and I promise you will feel satisfied that you made the extra effort to raise money just for the sake of raising money.

Let me introduce Youth Mentoring Connection:

Youth from some of the toughest neighborhoods in Los Angeles are signing up for the Honda LA Marathon.  This is the first year that Youth Mentoring Connection is participating as an official charity, and several of their teenage mentees are training for the 26 mile race.  “We are delighted to see that so many of our youth have taken an interest in running the marathon. This experience will require them to get in shape, improve their diets, test their will and channel the stress factors ever present in their environment into a positive outlet”, says Karyl-Lyn Sanderson, YMC’s Marathon Coordinator. YMC services at risk youth challenged by the threat of poverty, gang and domestic violence, drug abuse and teen pregnancy to name a few of the prevalent issues in their communities. 

Several mentors have also signed up to run in support of their mentees and to fundraise for the organization.  Becky Wagner, 10 time marathon runner thought for sure she had run her last race.  When she found out that YMC was an official charity she held out for one more.  “I thought it would be so meaningful to run for a cause that I really believe in. I just had to do it.” Youth Mentoring Connection’s mission is to awaken at-risk youth to their power, unique gifts and purpose by matching them with caring adult mentors.

Contact Info: Youth Mentoring Connection – Karly-Lyn Sanderson (323) 731-8080 ext 104

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015