Portraits from Chicago

Our Director of Operations Stacy Embretson and I spent several days last week at the Chicago Marathon. Stacy went to work with their staff on the start crew in order to learn about their famously organized start corrals. I spent the weekend inside the Expo talking to runners about the Honda LA Marathon. These weekends are exhausting but very valuable. This is the second year I’ve been to the Chicago Expo and it’s a great event. The runners are a generally fast group from all over the world. Many runners are attempting to qualify for Boston on the pancake-flat Chicago course. Like last year, I shot portraits of a some of the people that I met over two days in the Expo.


Bart Yasso, Runner's World Magazine, Author of My Life on the Run

Broadcasters Ed Eyestone and Toni Reavis flanking Mammoth maven Andrew Kastor

2009 and 2010 Chicago Marathon Champion Liliya Shubukhova

Southern California native Josh Yelsey, now in Chicago for business school. He ran 2:38 in the heat.

The extended Hernandez family from Mexico City

Kevin Diaz, New York City. He ran LA this year and loved it.

Blogger Paige Spicer and Josh Williams. They got engaged at the LA Marathon finish line this year.

Marc Laloux and Sebastien Landrieux. Paris, France.

Marisela, Adriana and Andrea from San Jose, Costa Rica.

Scott Mantz and Andrea Sabesin from Los Angeles.

Miguel Angel Jimenez. Barcelona, Spain.

Jim McDonald from Portland, OR. He runs the website.

Domenik Elsen from Mechelem, Belgium.

Jan Seeley from Marathon & Beyond Magazine, standing next to me.

Honda LA Marathon Champion Wesley Korir with Jonathan and Krista Vetort. He finished 4th in Chicago this year.

Wally Oakes, Manchester, UK He's run 301 marathons!

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015