Tips from Coach Rod – Importance of Weekday Training

What we have created with the Training program for the LA Roadrunners is a 27 week ‘progressive’ training schedule.  What do I mean by this word ‘progressive’ exactly?  Well it may not be ‘exactly’, but what I mean is that it’s a 27 week program to take you from running 3 miles (the first training run) to finishing the 26.2 mile LA Marathon.

Each week builds on the previous week and the ‘previous’ week has three days of running. Two mid week runs and the Saturday Roadrunners run.  For our Beginners, the importance is in, getting those mid week runs done, consistently, each and everyday I ask you to run according to the schedule.Stay with me here, mid week TRAINING therefore is not a series of runs to just dismiss and focus entirely on the Saturday run. By completing the mid week training runs you are building your Foundation base.

For the first 12 weeks you are running in an ‘Aerobic’ state (you know, been able to chit chat and no huff and puff, feel if you could go all day…you know, easy peasy…piece of cake)There is no argument, the greatest gain for our runners is made during the ‘Aerobic’ phase of the Training Schedule.  While easy running is always the safest place to start, it is often the situation that the cardiovascular system develops very quickly while the musculo-skeletal system tends to take longer.

Never progress faster than your slowest part will allow. (You are as strong as your weakest part)If we follow the ‘plan-the schedule’ of the mid week run we adapt to the consistency of the training, our body adapts and becomes more efficient, it’s like most things we learn, at first it’s difficult and a challenge, but over time it becomes second nature.  Once you adapt to the mid week training, you require additional stress to continue to make progress.(And it will come soon enough)

Most of us know, there are limits to how much stress our bodies can tolerate before we experience injury, stress and we stop. Doing too much too soon will do this, doing too little and been inconsistent will result in no improvement.  We at Roadrunners have set the schedule that will increase time and intensity at a planned rate and allow rest days throughout the program.

Balance your running with Recovery, this will take you to a higher level of fitness, we all need to understand, the greater the training intensity and effort, the greater need for recovery. I can assure you all, in the later weeks of the Schedule you will understand why I have emphasized the Importance of the Weekday training, the Importance of the Aerobic training and the Importance of consistency and the Importance of rest and recovery. (a lot of emphasis on the word Importance isn’t there?)

In the schedule, Sunday is suggested as a ‘Strength’ Train day, it states a little later in the schedule to X Train (cross train).  This means don’t include running in these ‘complimentary’ exercise programs.  X train with a completely different activity, a yoga class, stretching, light circuit training at a gym, swimming, biking (easy) how about a barefoot walk on the beach?

And don’t forget the Importance of a good nights sleep! (While no one completely understands the complexities of sleep) lets not go there…just get a good nights sleep during the next 24 + weeks OK… me…it’s Important.

Run easy and run Aerobic!

And keep a smile on!

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015