Tips from Coach Rod – Nutrition, part 1

We are Runners and our goal is to run the Honda LA Marathon presented by K-Swiss, based on consistent training.  That’s right, running the marathon is the easy part of this process.  Leading up to the race there’s the dedication and commitment in doing the midweek training runs, the Saturday long runs, balancing our everyday lives with family and loved ones, our work days, stress, rest and recovery!  If you complete the LA Roadrunners Training program, you will have run nearly 800 miles in the process of training, just to get to the start line of the Honda LA Marathon.

In order to complete all of this training, we need fuel.  Just like a car, we need the proper “fuel” to ‘Go the Distance’.  What we need to understand about this is that what we require is “Sports Nutrition” a slightly higher grade “fuel” than is required to just sit around on the couch!

 As a Runner, your diet is important not only for maintaining good health, but to also promote peak performance.  During the next 23 weeks you will increase your training distance and this will demand extra focus from you as it relates to your diet and nutritional needs.  Let me tell you, a balanced diet for runners is as important as any other component of the Training.

Take the time to learn about the best foods that suit you before and after training.  Eating the right foods before a training run helps prevent hunger as well as fatigue.  These early Aerobic training weeks give you the chance to get your diet settled and ready for the longer more demanding training runs. 

Learn this NOW, No specific food will make you stronger or faster today or tomorrow!  To ‘Go the Distance’ you have to think long term, Sports Nutrition is all about many components adding up over time, just like a Marathon!  The right foods and drinks can help you train better, feel better in training and help with recovery.  Good nutrition supports good training, and good training makes the most of good nutrition.

Now is the right time to learn more about the importance of a balanced diet and how to fuel the body for the training required to ‘Go the Distance’.

Stay focused stay committed.

Rod Dixon

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015