Thoughts on Our Mission Statement

Here at the headquarters of the Honda LA Marathon presented by K-Swiss, we’re proud of many things. Things like our iconic Stadium to the Sea course that travels down Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Strip, and Rodeo Drive before finishing at the Santa Monica Pier. We’re proud of our 65 Official Charities that hope to collectively raise $4 million through this year’s event. And the scholarships we offer to 2,800 middle and high school kids who run the full Honda LA Marathon as part of Students Run Los Angeles. All of these things are exciting components of our race.

However, what we’re most proud of is the chance to live up to our mission statement: “We inspire athletes and connect communities.” We are the stewards and curators of the LA Marathon experience. That’s a privilege, because it means we get to help people change their lives through running. No matter if you’re an elite athlete flying in from Kenya or running your first marathon, we get to build an experience for you. That, to us, is exciting, and we take great pride in the quality of that experience. From our online conversation with you months before your race right through your training and your race day experience, we’re here to make the totality of your Honda LA Marathon journey a memorable one.

We talk a lot here about the “transformational power of sport.” And that is something that potentially affects every single participant in our event. And by “participant” we don’t mean just runners. There are so many people who come together and make the Honda LA Marathon a reality: Volunteers, Spectators, Brand Partners, charity participants, city governments, local law enforcement, fire, and safety personnel. It’s a long list, and there are few events that pull together that many people from that many communities. The sum total of this group energy is a powerful connective tissue that unites an entire city for a day. As a runner in the Honda LA Marathon, you’re the lifeblood of this event. You supply the kinetic energy of the event as you travel from Stadium to the Sea.

Looking forward to Sunday, March 20th, our goal is to inspire every athlete and connect every community associated with the event. We hope you all enjoy the experience.


SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015