Official Charity Highlight: Featured Charities — Train 4 Autism & Students Run LA

Take a closer look at one of the ASICS LA Marathon’s Official Charities!
Featured Charity: Train 4 Autism
Featured Charity: Students Run LA

Train 4 AutismTrain 4 Autism is dedicated to bringing together a community of athletes, physically active, and socially conscious people who are committed to raising awareness and funds for research and treatment for those living with Autism and their families. Fund raising and volunteer opportunities for individual athletes, teams and entire families include cycling, walks, triathlons, swimming, and running events.

Today, there are many treatment centers and research programs doing vital work, and carrying different yet important messages and missions. Train 4 Autism provides the infrastructure, technology, and support for participants to raise funds and contribute to these programs.

Featured Runner – Parent Jeanine Gaston  & First time Marathoner

Why am I running the ASICS LA Marathon 2014? Because I’m crazy? No, because I love someone with Autism. I started walking in early 2011 to raise money and awareness for Autism. My first half marathon was that same year. I’ve since completed 8 halves now, running most of them. I’m happy to say I’m not the same person I was when I started this adventure. Running has been a great release for me. It’s not easy, but makes me feel good about me and the reason I run. My reason will be 16 years old when I run LA. His name is Logan and he is one of the bravest young men I know. Logan is high functioning autistic. He is smart, funny, and handsome. I see sides of him that many people don’t get to see. Logan is not very social, and has had to deal with kids making fun of him and being bullied. It’s gotten better as he gets older. He is learning ways to cope. I’m taking on his attitude for the marathon. I figure to run 26.2 miles will not be easy for me, but neither is life walking in Logan’s shoes. If he can deal with Autism every day of his life I can train and learn to deal with pain for 26.2 miles. My run will be 100% for Logan. It’s why I run. My bib will say just that, too, “4 Logan.”

Join us or Donate at Train 4 Autism


Students Run LA…Training For A Marathon…Training For LifeSRLA Photo

25 years running! Since 1989, SRLA has trained more than 51,000 middle and high school youth from all over the greater LA area, to prepare them to complete the ASICS LA Marathon. While running is the core activity of the program, SRLA students learn that hard work, discipline, and perseverance lead to success, both at the marathon and in life.

SRLA’s success is both staggering and a tradition! Every year, more than 90% of the students who attempt the marathon complete it. In March 2013, 99% of our 3,184 SRLA runners did so! Even more impressively, every year, more than 90% of the seniors who run the ASICS LA Marathon with SRLA graduate from high school. In June 2013, 99% of our 693 seniors did so! 

This season over 3200 students will run with teachers at their school who volunteer to train with and mentor them. The students are active ten hours a week, on average, and learn to love running and being physically active. SRLA must raise $300 per student and what that buys is priceless…

Bartolo at Manual Arts HS wrote “My involvement in Students Run LA has set me apart from bad influences and it has influenced me in getting better grades.”

Daniel at Santa Monica HS wrote, “While participating in Students Run LA I have lost weight…I have also become a leader to my sisters as I run with them weekly and push them to hopefully have them complete a marathon.”

Michelle at Aspire Pacific Academy wrote “I really liked the fact that running helped me clear my thoughts, and it also helped me release frustration and pain that had accumulated inside me.”

Be a part of the celebration of 25 YEARS RUNNING! With your generous contributions, our students will become marathoners, graduates, and productive members of our community!

Go to for information on hot to get involved and how you can sponsor one of our student runners to complete the ASICS LA Marathon, or contact Nikki Carelli at (818) 654-3360 and

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015