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August 18, 2010

Making Your Miles More Meaningful – Meet Ginger Williams

How do you define Community Relations?  Well for us that question begets another question.  Who is Ginger Williams?  Well if you’re one of the 25,000+ runners or 6,000 volunteers who participated in our 2010 event you’ve probably never heard of her.  But, if you’re one of the hundreds of churches, businesses, community groups, BID’s or homeowners groups that are located along our 26.2 route, Ginger’s the face, and more importantly the town crier of all things Marathon. 

And as important as her efforts are to us and to all the cities and communities participating in the Honda LA Marathon, we think she’s even more important to our event and our community for her unequaled efforts to support the 65 charities that raised over $2,000,000 dollars in 2010. That’s a 100% increase in fundraising year over year. 

Similar to introducing you ‘all to our Race Director a few weeks back, and Rod Dixon last week, we’d like you all to say “heh” to our favorite person of the week Ginger Williams!  Every Tuesday Ginger will introduce you to some of the folks and charities that make such a great impact on so many lives here in Southern California. 

We talk a lot about our mission statement of connecting communities and Ginger’s effort is the flagship of what we’re attempting to accomplish.  Please check back every Tuesday for some amazing people Ginger’s going to introduce us to, and the wonderful stories that might change your life.  

For a list of all these great groups, please click here.

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