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August 9, 2010

Tips from Coach Rod – Meet Rod Dixon

We’ve received many positive comments from runners about the new weekly feature Ask the Race Director on our blog. Given those positive responses, we thought there was another one of our staff who could provide real insight, advice and leadership to prepare you for a successful 2011 Honda LA Marathon.  We’ve worked, played and laughed with “Dix” for over 20 years, and we believe you’ll not find a better friend and coach in the running business.  So, here’s some information you might not know about Coach Rod Dixon.

Rod was internationally regarded as especially outstanding for the length and versatility of his career as a top-flight runner. He set world class times in all events from 1500 m (3:33.9) to the marathon (2:08:59), won bronze medals in the World Cross Country Championships in 1973 and 1982, and was one of the more successful athletes on the US road racing circuit in the early 80s, including wins at the Falmouth Road Race (1980), Bay to Breakers (1982 & 1983) and the Lynchburg, Virginia 10 miler (1980, 1981 & 1983). Rod garnered the bronze medal in the 1,500 meter competition at the 1972 Olympic Games.  His gradual move to longer distances was climaxed by his 1983 marathon victory in New York City in one of the most dramatic finishes the event has seen, when he came from behind to catch leader Geoff Smith at the 26 mile mark and won by 9 seconds.

Rod has been a lifelong advocate of healthy living.  Whether it is regular exercise, proper diet and positive mental outlook, he walks the walk and talks the talk.  For the past three years he holds the title of Director of Coaching and Training for the Marathon, and starting in September can be found every Saturday morning, bright and early teaching, training and running with the LA Roadrunners marathon training program. 

A lifelong advocate of the Lydiard method of training , Rod will lead the 2,000 strong Roadrunner preparation program.  Running, walk / jog or just walking, Rod will get you from the couch to the finish line.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with New Zealand’s national treasure, and our favorite mentor. 

Every Monday morning we’ll post Rod’s thoughts and advice on how to properly train to participate and finish the Honda LA Marathon.  You’ll get advice and tips on eating, training, and foods & fluids to fuel your body and mind.  And, he’ll reveal one of his secrets that set him apart in the hyper competitive world of world class running, how to relax and get the rest your mind and body need to perform at your best.

Nick Curl

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