My Marathon Story

Everyone has different motivations for why they decide to run a marathon.  Share your Marathon Story and help motivate others!

Every Marathoner has a different reason for why they have decided to complete the 26.2 mile race.  Help inspire and motivate other runners by sharing your 2015 ASICS LA Marathon Story with us.  Share your story by completing the “My Marathon Story” form below.  Submit your story and it could be featured through one of our mediums: website, print publications, or other media communications.

Download the “My Marathon Story” form to tell your 2015 ASICS LA Marathon Story, fill it out using the “thought-starters” as a writing guide, and email it to  We will contact you directly if we are able to use your story.  Good luck!

‘My Marathon Story’ Form

(Please download form, complete it, and email to