Century City

The introduction of television paved way for the development of Century City through the reduction of backstage property.


Runners arrive in Century City on Santa Monica Blvd after passing through Beverly Hills.


Once a backlot for 20th Century Fox, Century City was envisioned by developers as a “city within a city.” Fox suffered a series film debacles which allowed Alcoa to purchase 180 acres of the Fox backlot to develop, 75 acres allotted for residential development, 85 acres for business and the final 20 acres were devoted to streets and boulevards.

Century Plaza Towers

The 44 floor towers resemble the World Trade Center in their vertical black and gray lines, as well as the use of aluminum exteriors. In recent years the towers’ prominence in the Century City skyline has been diminished with the construction of new skyscrapers. They still remain the tallest buildings in Southern California outside of downtown of Los Angeles. The towers also sit atop the world’s largest underground parking garage with a rough capacity of 5,000 vehicles.