Los Feliz

The affluent, hilly community of Los Feliz is the southern face of Los Angeles’ biggest park, Griffith Park.


After running through eclectic Silver Lake on Sunset Blvd, runners get their first taste of Hollywood Blvd in Los Feliz.


Los Feliz was part of Rancho Los Feliz, one of the first land grants in California.  Part of Rancho Los Feliz was donated by Colonel Griffith to the city of Los Angeles, in what has become Griffith Park, the largest park in Los Angeles.  Because of its proximity to Hollywood, Los Feliz was home to many early movie studios.  Walt Disney drew the first image of Mickey Mouse in Los Feliz just down the street from Disney’s first animation studio.


The observatory sits on the slope of Mount Hollywood within Griffith Park and is a popular tourist attraction because of its extensive space displays and striking views of downtown Los Angeles, the Hollywood sign, and the Pacific Ocean.  The Observatory was renovated in the 2000s to expand the exhibition space and now is home to the largest astronomically accurate image in the world.  With its prominent location, the Observatory has been featured in many movies and television shows and is recognizable across the world.


The Frank Lloyd Wright designed house was built in 1924 as the fourth and last of Wright’s textile block designs built out of interlocking pre-cast concrete block.  Based on ancient Mayan temples, the Ennis House is a national landmark.  The design of the house has made it appealing to filmmakers and the House has appeared in dozens of films over the years.  Despite restoration efforts to get the building up to code, the house remains closed to visitors.