Silver Lake

Silver Lake is known for its eclectic gathering of hipsters and creative types and is home to a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic groups.


Runners begin their second stretch on Sunset Blvd after making a left turn from Glendale Blvd.  With their first glimpse of the “Hollywood” sign up above, participants pass through the heart of Silver Lake via Sunset Blvd.


Silver Lake’s eclectic mix of residents includes hipsters and creative types that range across all socioeconomic groups.  Silver Lake has been the center of the alternative and indie rock scene in LA since the 1990s, featuring two major street music festivals, the Sunset Junction Street Fair and Silver Lake Jubilee.  Despite a large commercial precense on Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake is mainly know for its residential areas which include some of the most famous modernist architechture in the country.


As the major source of water for over 600,000 homes in South Los Angeles, the two lake reservoir has served as a vital component of the area’s water supply.  The reservoir has become a recreational resource for the community including a jogging/walking path that is used by thousands of runners on a daily basis.


Named for the intersection of Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd, the Sunset Junction has held its place in history as the site of one of the first actions in the nation against police harassment of gay bars, the Black Cat Protest.  The shops of the Junction have always been off the mainstream, and currently make up part of Los Angeles’ alternative music scene.  Every year, the Sunset Junction Street Fair closes Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake and hosts many notable music acts as well as local vendors.