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The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon features dozens of points of entertainment along the course!

Course Entertainment Application:

The Sketchers Performance LA Marathon is known for its start-to-finish entertainment program to encourage runners and to celebrate the city’s diversity. Dozens of bands will play along the course, celebrating the triumph of each marathoner.

To be a part of the largest block party in Los Angeles, please fill out the application here:


As runners leave Beverly Hills and head toward Mile 18, they are greeted by over 600 hundred local cheerleaders making noise to encourage runners get to the Finish Line of the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. Cheer Alley is the Pep Rally of the Year, and is comprised of Middle and High School cheerleaders from across Southern California.

This is the fifth year of the competition and each squad will perform their 2-minute routine, and then will line the course to cheer on runners. Squads will be judged on overall spirit, creativity, showmanship and uniform.

To have your cheer team participate in the upcoming Cheer Alley and Competition at the 2016 Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, please complete the application found here.

Congratulations to our winning 2015 cheer squads:

1st Place -- Roosevelt High School
2nd Place -- Banning High School
3rd Place -- Westchester High School

Thanks to all of the squads that participated:

Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School
Banning High School
Bell Gardens Pepsters
Crown Prep Academy
Culver City Middle School
Franklin High School
Griffith Middle School
Huntington Middle School
Huntington Park High School
Lindsey Middle school
Magnolia Science Academy
Marshall Middle School (Academy of the Arts)
R. L. Stevenson Middle School
Roosevelt High School
Sal Castro
Suva Intermediate
Thomas Alva Edison Middle School
Washington Middle school
Westchester High School