Volunteer Guidelines

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Registered volunteers with receive an email race week with information regarding where to park (if assigned at expo, start or finish), where to check in and volunteer instructions (water station volunteers).

We ask you to honor these standards of conduct when volunteering with the us:

  • Familiarize yourself with your surroundings and your volunteer area so you are able to answer questions. Volunteers are frequently asked for directions so it will be helpful to be informed. If you are unsure of something, direct questions to your volunteer coordinator or area captain.
  • Conduct yourself as a responsible, respectful, friendly representative of the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon volunteer team
  • Do not participate in negativity; do not criticize or speak negatively about participants, volunteers or staff.
  • Do not use profane, harassing, or offensive language while volunteering, including social media
  • The use of drugs and alcohol are prohibited while volunteering
  • Follow the directions of your volunteer coordinator or area captain. If you are uncertain about something, ask.
  • If your conduct is disrespectful, dangerous, or causes conflict, you may be dismissed as a volunteer and will not be allowed return to participate as a volunteer