As a runner your diet is important not only for maintaining good health, but to also promote peak performance.


For runners, proper nutrition and a balanced diet is important for not only maintaining good health, but also to perform at the highest level.  Although each individual has different needs, striking the right balance between carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for one’s body will help improve your energy levels allowing you to maximize the benefits of your training.

Carbohydrates — Carbohydrates are going to be your lifeline during training and the race.  They are the fueling system by which our bodies are energized and will prevent you from “crashing” if you utilize them correctly.

Protein — Protein is your source of strength and support your body in its repair of damaged muscle tissue that has been broken down during physical activity.

Fat — Fat is a stored nutrient which means that the body burns other nutrients before it digs away at its reserves.

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Water is vital for your health and vitality. The average human body is 60-70% water and without a constant consumption of fluid a person could become severely dehydrated if not deceased in 3-4 days. When training for a marathon, it is imperative that you keep your body fully hydrated at all times in order to maintain a healthy stamina, keen mind and optimal performance.

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