Training Tips

Find essential information that runners of all abilities can use while training to complete the ASICS LA Marathon.


Get Ready to Go — Runner’s World
It’s easy to overlook a warm-up, but doing so increases the risk of poor performance or injury.


Breathing Tips for New Runners — Active
Many new runners struggle to control their breathing, which can prevent them from generating the maximum energy possible.


Understanding and Avoiding Running Injuries — Dr. John Pagliano
It’s important to recognize the difference between an ache and an injury in order to avoid or stop injuries from setting back your training.

The 10 Laws of Injury Prevention — Runner’s World
Although there is no cut and dry method to preventing injury, following these 10 principles will help you spend more time on the road, and less time in rehab.

The 10 Commandments of Injury Prevention — Competitor
Following these 10 injury prevention commandments of endurance training will help keep you healthy and fit.

Injury Treatment — Runner’s World
Have an injury?  Find ways to treat and help prevent future injuries due to running.


Strength Training for Runners — Active
Runners who don’t strength train risk injury by not improving their bodies.

Strength and Cross Training – Runner’s World
Find exercises and work outs to help you strengthen your body and avoid injury.