“On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Green!”




This week our sustainability efforts made the front page of YourDailyThread.com- a green lifestyle blog based here in Los Angeles! YDT founder Tracy Helper and Reel Green Media producer Lauren Selman have teamed up to write a “We Run Green” column on how training for the marathon can be more sustainable. We’re proud to share that the Council for Responsible Sport certified the 2009 LA Marathon as a green event and we’re continuing these efforts this year. Highlights from our sustainability program for 2010 include a new timing strategy built into your bibs (no D-Tags!), a new rideshare partner PickupPal, and Heatsheet recycling. Keep your eyes peeled for these great additions on race day. Click here to read “On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Green!”

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015