Pete Carroll invites us to practice

From one legend to another: Pete and our own Rod Dixon

Pete took time to pose with the LA Roadrunners pace leaders

Today our SRLA leaders and LA Roadrunners pace leaders got a special treat. USC Coach Pete Carroll invited us down to watch him run practice at Howard Jones Field on campus. After that, Coach spent almost an hour mentoring our leaders. It was a fascinating afternoon, and Coach shared with us many of his secrets of success. He’s distilled his vast experience down to some very practical bits of wisdom. My particular favorite was this question that he asked of the leaders in attendance: “How many of you have a philosophy that you can explain in 25 words or less to your runners?” That’s just great advice. His philosophy at ‘SC? “Always compete.” Coach also talked extensively about the importance of a winning attitude, and he took time to answer questions and sign autographs afterwards. We’ll soon post a video of his talk so you’ll be able to learn more about his Win Forever philosophy. And look for more great things coming from our friendship with Coach Pete in the coming months.


New Performance visits Roadrunners

Matt Mahowald of New Performance Nutrition is getting me up to speed for next Sunday’s Chicago Marathon. He will also be visiting our Roadrunners training program on a regular basis. On Saturday stopped by to give us “Marathon nutrition 101.” As someone who’s been following his program since the middle of June, I can vouch for the benefits of his knowledge. For instance, in that time, my body fat has dropped from 23% down to 12.5%, I’ve lost 14 pounds, and my cholesterol is down 20%. It’s been so educational, and without the annoyance of some draconian diet. The program is really about making smart choices and paying attention to what one eats. Many of us go out of our way to follow a detailed training program for our runs, so why wouldn’t we do the same thing for what we’re eating? It’s like a nutrition road map. I’ve kept a log detailing every single meal I’ve eaten since June. With blood tests every two weeks, Matt is able to dial in a program that really works. I highly recommend getting in touch with Matt if you’re at all interested in getting a nutrition point of view while you’re training.


LA Roadrunners – Training Begins This Saturday, 9/12

Join our official LA Marathon Training Program

Who says running isn’t a team sport? Join the official training program of the LA Marathon and you’ll never run alone. Join legendary runner Rod Dixon every Saturday for 26 weeks and we’ll provide the coaching, expertise and enthusiasm to get from the couch to the finish line.

LA Roadrunners boast a phenomenal race day finisher’s rate of 99%, and it offers both veterans and novices a chance to connect with fellow runners, train with a pace leader, receive expert tips on nutrition and technique, and take advantage of numerous race-day perks. Become an LA Roadrunner today and get the most out of your marathon experience.

LA Roadrunners meets at Westminster Avenue Elementary School in Venice, California. The 2009-2010 Training Program will begin on Saturday, September 12. Online registration is now open.

You can also register in person on Saturday. The LA Roadrunners registration process will began at 6:30 a.m. The sooner you get there to complete your registration process and pick-up your shirt, the sooner we can start the morning training activites. Come prepared to run as we will be doing a 3 mile training session.

LA Roadrunner Training Location
Westminster Avenue Elementary School
1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

For more info about the LA Roadrunners, visit our website,

Hope to see you all tomorrow morning!

Tonight’s the night

That’s right, registration for the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon opens tonight at midnight. By now you probably know all about the new date–March 21st, 2010–and the new Stadium to Sea course. All that’s left is to swing by our new-look website and register. While you’re there, check out the video we just completed, which is a lot of fun.

Once you’re there, you’ll see that we’ve arranged a delicious menu of main dishes:

• Los Angeles Marathon
• Roadrunners training program
• Marathon + Roadrunners together
• New Performance Nutrition 5K–Our 5K is now on Saturday, March 20th, so you can run it as a warm-up and then run the LA Marathon the next day. Also, you’ll be able to run the 5K and pick up your Marathon number at the same time and place. How convenient is that?
• Marathon + 5K together
• Win Forever Dinner with Pete Carroll–You heard that right: Pete himself will be presiding over what used to be the carbo load dinner. Now it’s dinner plus a pep talk from the Man. A custom pre-marathon fire-up just for our runners. This will be a do-not miss event, and it takes place Saturday evening, March 20th.

Choose to participate in any or all of these great events. I can give you the inside tip that we’re putting a lot of time and effort into making each and every one of these events better than they’ve ever been before.


Pace Leader orientation

Getting the scoop on this year’s Roadrunners program.

“…and then you’ll actually run down Rodeo Drive!”

Salya Mohamedy, Gary Deitsch and Rod Dixon

It’s that time of year again. That’s right–you see the LA Marathon off on the horizon, and you realize it’s time to get off the couch and get on a program. What to do? How about our Roadrunners training program? Last weekend was the orientation for the 75 pace leaders that will guide our 1,500 runners along their journey to race day. It was a day for all of us to reconnect in advance of the program, and to get updated on all of the exciting changes taking place around the LA Marathon. There were some new faces in the crowd, but many of our leaders have known each other, and run together, for years. While introducing ourselves, we each had to say something about ourselves that none of the leaders had heard before. There were some winners! How about “I’m a wild animal trainer.” Or, “I’m wearing compression shorts under these sweats.”

In any case, it was a terrific morning, graciously hosted by Gary, Salya and Rod at the Del Rey Yacht Club. Race Director Nick Curl spoke about the exciting new course that will travel through many of the icons of Los Angeles. I was there to discuss our marketing direction, and our own Community Relations Director Ginger Williams was there as a Pace Leader. We’re really excited to have her as part of the Roadrunners program.

The first Roadrunners training day will be Saturday, September 12th, and we hope to see you out there. Details will be posted soon on our website, and you can sign up for the program starting September 1st.


SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015