Make the LA Marathon course your own

After Stacy, Ginger and Theresa’s holiday run of the LA Marathon course, along with Jimmy Dean’s 5,000 calorie course expedition, I’ve come to expect that our runners will start to take ownership of the route. So it comes as no surprise that two of my favorite bloggers and Twitterati, @chicrunner and @LARunr, have started running parts of the course while writing and tweeting about it. In my opinion, a measure of a brand’s success is the extent to which customers co-opt and personalize that brand. I’m thrilled to see that starting to happen with the Marathon. Go forth and create your own LA Marathon, folks. I’m here to tell you that I will happily support, and promote, your endeavors. And if you should find yourself on Twitter, be sure and give a shout out to our two friends. Here’s LARunner’s blog post about the jaunt.


Here’s the 2010 LA Marathon Route

You’ve seen a video with some of the highlights of our Stadium to Sea route, but now we’ve got the actual turn-by-turn course finished. Here’s a video we put together to show you the way. In addition, we’ve got a detailed Google map on the site, complete with icons along the course. We couldn’t be more excited for all of the runners in this year’s race.


Tonight’s the night

That’s right, registration for the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon opens tonight at midnight. By now you probably know all about the new date–March 21st, 2010–and the new Stadium to Sea course. All that’s left is to swing by our new-look website and register. While you’re there, check out the video we just completed, which is a lot of fun.

Once you’re there, you’ll see that we’ve arranged a delicious menu of main dishes:

• Los Angeles Marathon
• Roadrunners training program
• Marathon + Roadrunners together
• New Performance Nutrition 5K–Our 5K is now on Saturday, March 20th, so you can run it as a warm-up and then run the LA Marathon the next day. Also, you’ll be able to run the 5K and pick up your Marathon number at the same time and place. How convenient is that?
• Marathon + 5K together
• Win Forever Dinner with Pete Carroll–You heard that right: Pete himself will be presiding over what used to be the carbo load dinner. Now it’s dinner plus a pep talk from the Man. A custom pre-marathon fire-up just for our runners. This will be a do-not miss event, and it takes place Saturday evening, March 20th.

Choose to participate in any or all of these great events. I can give you the inside tip that we’re putting a lot of time and effort into making each and every one of these events better than they’ve ever been before.


SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015