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The 2019 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon has earned Gold Level Certification by the Council for Responsible Sport

It takes a great deal of hard work and planning to produce a sustainable event for over 24,000 athletes, but the Los Angeles Marathon is committed to taking steps necessary to promote greater environmental responsibility by implementing green initiatives that reduce waste, promote sustainable and responsible consumption, and support the local community in Los Angeles. Check out some highlights of our green event initiatives below.

Council for Responsible Sport Certification

We have earned Gold Level Certification from the Council for Responsible Sport, an organization that independently verifies the social and environmental initiatives of sports events. Our sustainability efforts received 3rd party verification, with data reported by Three Squares Inc. (2nd party) and verified by the Council for Responsible Sport (3rd party). Read more here >

Waste Diversion

The event production team works closely with waste management leads at the Start Line in Dodger Stadium, the Finish Line in Santa Monica, and in the four cities the course runs through with the goal of diverting as much waste as possible from the landfill.

At the Start and the Finish Lines, be on the lookout for compost, recycling, and landfill bins with signage describing what items should go where. At the Finish Line, we’ll also have special bins dedicated for collecting Heatsheets (yes, even if they’re used!), which our partners at Santa Monica Resource Recovery and Recycling will recycle.


We’re committed to being a good neighbor and supporting our host communities. That’s why we take every opportunity we can to donate to local organizations. At the Start Line, we collect all clothing discarded by runners and donate it to Goodwill. At the Finish Line, we work with Move for Hunger to donate leftover food and unused Heatsheets to the Valley Food Bank.

Water Monster Pilot

We’re proud to be working with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to deploy 20 water monsters at our water stations. Water monsters are large tanks that pull and filter water from hydrants. By using these, we’re able to fill runner’s water cups without using plastic bottles. Be on the lookout for these at water stations in Downtown LA and Brentwood!

LA Marathon Health & Fitness Expo Green Booth

The LA Marathon’s Health & Fitness Expo features a “Green Booth,” where we showcase local environmental organizations. This year, 5 Gyres will be exhibiting in the booth. Stop by to learn about what you can do to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

Virtual Goodie Bag

In an effort to reduce waste, we provide all participants with a virtual goodie bag – that is, an online portal which allows you to redeem special deals from our partners. This both allows participants to select only the goodies they want and eliminates the need for physical items that often end up in the landfill.

How Can You Help?

Here are some of the ways that you can help support the event’s sustainability initiatives:

Volunteer for the Green Team: Want to help us reach its sustainability goals and reduce the environmental impact of the event? Sign up for a fun position as a Green Team volunteer! Volunteers will be stationed throughout the Finish Line area to help runners, attendees, and vendors understand how to dispose of recyclables, compostable items, and landfill waste. To sign up, click here and select the “D4 Sun Finish Line Green Team” shift.

Think Before You Throw: Pay attention to waste diversion signage at the Start and Finish Line. Take a moment to consider what goes where:

COMPOST Food | Liquid | Wet Paper

RECYCLINGPlastic | Aluminum Cans | Glass Bottles | Dry Cardboard


LANDFILLPlastic Utensils | Chip Bags | Plastic Wrappers | Styrofoam | Straws

Take Public Transportation Around Town: Pick up a pre-loaded Metro TAP card at the LA Marathon Health and Fitness Expo and jump on a Metro Train or Bus to get around Los Angeles! See train and bus schedules and routes here:

Cycle to the Finish Line: Our partners at the City of Santa Monica will offer a complimentary bike valet at the Finish Line. Cruise to the Finish Line on your bike and avoid LA traffic!

Go Green in Your Hotel Room: Be sure to take advantage of towel and sheet reuse initiatives that may be offered by your hotel. Don’t forget to turn off all lights and electronics when you leave your room each day.

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