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A great opportunity for nonprofits who want to get their feet wet with endurance fundraising, but are not ready to commit to the full official charity program!


As a new option for nonprofits, we have created a DIY fundraising opportunity called the “Community Affiliate Program"*. This is a great opportunity for nonprofits who want to get their feet wet with endurance fundraising, but are not ready to commit to the full program. Through this exciting opportunity you can gain experience recruiting runners, marketing your organization, coaching peer-to-peer fundraisers, and managing a team of runners!

Program is currently FULL. Thank you for your interest and we hope you will still participate in the marathon and fundraise on your own. Visit us online in June of 2018 to learn more about the Charity opportunities with the Los Angeles Marathon.

How it works

  1. Your organization will fill out a simple online form that indicates you would like to be added as a community affiliate. This is not an application, but rather a statement of intent that you want to give it a try!
  2. Once we review your form and verify your nonprofit status we will create a dedicated registration link for you to add your nonprofit to our website as a Community Affiliate.
  3. Next, we will connect you with Just Giving (optional), our premiere fundraising platform partner, where you can set up a team fundraising page under the umbrella of the Los Angeles Marathon at no direct cost to you.
  4. You get out there and make magic happen! Recruit runners, get them fundraising and have an amazing race experience. You will be on your own, so make sure you use as a resource and follow us on social media for all the latest race updates.
  5. After the season is over we will check in to see how it went! If you were successful we can talk you more about the Official Charity Program and how to apply.

Program Details

You will receive:

  • Access to Just Giving fundraising and fundraising resources (optional)
  • Online listing as a community affiliate online
  • Dedicated registration link for your team
  • Ability to set your own minimums (registration and fundraising)
  • Ability to support your runners along the course on race weekend with a charity cheer zone

You will not receive:

  • Designation as an official charity partner of the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon
  • Access and right to use to Los Angeles Marathon logos and branding
  • Fixed registration pricing and guaranteed race entries
  • Support from Marathon Staff
  • Any official charity program benefits


Contact Rachel Sanchez at [email protected]

*Charities with no peer-peer endurance fundraising experience may be required to participante as a community affiliate for one year before being accepted as an official charity. Participation in the Community Affiliate Program does not guarantee acceptance as an official charity partner the following year.