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Meet Eleanor: Student, Competitive Rock Climber, Three-Time Yearbook Editor

February 12, 2020

From people who have run dozens of marathons to those conquering the distance for the first time, every runner has a story. The 2020 Los Angeles Marathon race field is made of 25,000 people. That's 25,000 different stories, relationships to running, and reasons for stepping onto the course. We're excited to introduce you to some of the people who make up our race field. You never know; you might see one of them on race day!

Eleanor is a 17 year old living in La Canada Flintridge, California and a senior at La Canada High School. She started running in December 2018 at the age of 16. Eleanor found a passion for long distance and is on track to run 4 marathons before she turns 18!

Besides running, what do you like to do for fun?

I love graphic design and I am a three-time editor of my high school's yearbook!

Who do you look up to?

Shalane Flanagan (duh) and Arianna Hillborn, a Latvian/American marathonner who went from a 4:36 to a 2:35 marathon.

How is your training going?

Good! I’ve been incorporating a lot of hill work and feeling stronger this time around.

How many marathons have you previously run, if any?

I have ran 2 marathons - The OC Marathon and The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon (my hometown)

How do you motivate yourself to keep going when things are hard?

I negotiate with my mind. I know that I am capable, so I just have to demand more from myself because I know the end results are totally worth it.

Has your reason for running changed over the years and if so what is it now?

Now I run because I genuinely want to. It clears my mind and helps me de-stress before a long school day. Running is something special, healthy, and fun that I can do with my dad because he likes to run with me occasionally.

What's your game plan for the race?

  1. Stay chill and run conservatively at the start
  2. Take it all in and appreciate running through our beautiful city
  3. Start cranking the pace down between miles 14 to 20
  4. Finally, that last 10k is the time to shine -- run with my heart; I am going let my training and hard work help cruise me to the finish

What is it that you're most excited for about the course?

I’m excited to see all the different parts of the city and get to run in cool places that are usually dominated by cars. Also, finishing in Santa Monica because that is where I always do my long runs, so that area holds a special place in my heart.

What training tips do you have for runners?

Listen to your body, don’t push yourself too hard; you should be able to recognize when it’s time to ramp up the volume and intensity of your training. Also, make sure to fuel your body, as you train more, you need to eat more to make sure you can perform to your full potential and attack each day with intensity and enthusiasm.

Thanks Eleanor! Follow Eleanor on Instagram HERE.

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