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Skills Checklist for the Runner

by Mike Herrera, DPT and Devin Blessing, DPT, OCS  Evolution Physical Therapy presents a skills checklist, a series of exercises that test essential movements for the runner. This checklist is aimed to...

Strength Training for Runners: Build a Stronger Runner Spring

Strength training for runners is extremely beneficial to allow your body to improve your elastic recoil, to absorb forces and propel you into your next step. Running demands 2.5 to...

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How to Prevent One of the Most Common Running Injuries

Dr. Hatch from Keck Medicine of USC, an expert in sports medicine and rehab, explains how to prevent one of the most common injuries that plaguing runners during their marathon...

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Should You Stretch Before A Run?

Reza Omid, MD, associate professor of clinical orthopaedic medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, shares tips on the kind of stretching to do before and after a run.   ...

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